Reviewing The Medium Soft Tomorrow Sleep Mattress

The Serta Tomorrow Sleep mattress provides two levels of firmness. The products include a medium soft and medium firm choice. Consumers review the products according to how they sleep and their personal comfort preferences. A local distributor provides both selections for consumers now.

What are the Differences Between the Soft and Firm Model?

The medium soft model is plusher than the medium firm model, and it gives the consumer more of a feeling of being hugged as they lie down. The mattress provides a better contour around the body. The soft model is best for individuals who like to sleep on their back or side.

The medium firm mattress is considerably firmer. The surface is stiff and doesn’t present any plush textures. It provides more support for the body and prevents the consumer from sinking into the mattress and becoming uncomfortable. The mattress product is better for back or stomach sleepers.

Exploring the Mattress Layers

The medium soft layers start with a top layer that measures about one inch. It consists of memory foam that offers a cooling effect to prevent overheating. The layer offers an adequate amount of plushness for consumers who prefer softer mattresses.

Next, a layer of airy memory foam that measures about two inches is added to the product. It is infused with a gel that balances temperatures. The layer provides the right amount of contour for the body and supports it effectively.

Its third layer is six inches and makes up the pocketed coil system to maximize comfort and durability. The product offers high-carbon steel coils to provide support without causing any discomfort. The coils are wrapped to prevent issues as well.

The fourth layer of the mattress is a combination of a six-inch and three-inch foam side rail to provide adequate ventilation. With memory foam mattresses, ventilation is vital for preventing moisture from becoming trapped. The last layer is one inch and creates a high-density base to support the entire mattress.

Consumers review several options for getting the best night’s sleep possible. When examining the mattress selections, the consumers identify the best choice according to their preferred sleep position. Consumers who want to learn more about the products can click here for information now.